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Full Summer - 10 Week
52314CHE121 A1Fundamentals of Chemistry3MTW1730-1930EVC 207Rossington, Janelle A16115ACTIVE
52315CHE253 V1Organic Chemistry I4MTWR1030-1200RTP 226Castillo, Bernard Fernando10010ACTIVE
52644CHE253L A1Organic Chemistry I Lab1 0000-0001RTP 216Castillo, Bernard Fernando10010ACTIVE
52316CHE254 V1Organic Chemistry II4MTWR1030-1200 Castillo, Bernard Fernando16016CANCELLED
52546CSC102 V1Intro to Prog & Prob Solv'g3MWF1000-1115EVC 713Lewit, Alan F15015ACTIVE
52589CSC496 A1Internship/Field Studies1 - , 000ACTIVE
52492ENG321 ON1British Literature I3 0000-0001 Gould, David H15213ACTIVE
52630HOS230 V1Hospitality Internship I4 0000-0001 Lang, Tamara Anjoanette30228ACTIVE
52638HOS43001Hospitality Internship II4 0000-0001 , 30030ACTIVE
52506MUS13211Concert Band1W1330-1500 Bryson, Valrica M M25025ACTIVE
52507MUS13311Jazz Ensemble1W1530-1700 Bryson, Valrica M M25025ACTIVE
52508MUS13411Steel Pan Ensemble1W1730-1900 Bryson, Valrica M M20119ACTIVE
52313PRT275 I1Internship3 0000-0001 Douglas, Eric D10010ACTIVE
52312SCI301 A1Applications of Science3MW1730-1910 , 16610ACTIVE
       TR1730-2030 , 16610ACTIVE
52624SOC12111Intro To Sociology3MTWR1520-1720EVC 207Gore, Akia H10010ACTIVE

Summer 1 - 5 Week
52533ACC201V4Financial Accounting I3MTWR1730-1930EVC 807Gouws, Dion 25520ACTIVE
52528ART275A4Tchg Visl Art to Chil & Adoles3MTWR1520-1720EVC 208Belle, LaVaughn N20020ACTIVE
52317BIO495 A4Directed Independent Research1 0000-0001 , 606ACTIVE
52318BIO496 A4Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 , 606ACTIVE
52534BUS112 14Introduction to Business3MTWR1945-2145EVC 408, 25619ACTIVE
52535BUS35114Business Law3MTWR1730-1930REC 143, 20416ACTIVE
52536BUS47414Professional Dvlpmnt Seminar1TR1945-2100EVC 501Flemming, Paul L25718ACTIVE
52581BUS47504Ungrd. Intern in Business2 0000-0001 Hermann, Marie 20317ACTIVE
52319CHE495 A4Directed Ind Research1 0000-0001 , 606ACTIVE
52537CIS051 14Basic Computng Cncpts & Skills1MTWR1730-1930NWW 131, 25124ACTIVE
52550CIS10114Business Software Applications3MTWR1730-1930 , 25025ACTIVE
52378CJU110 OL4Intro to Criminal Justice3 - Sekou, Nandi 1037ACTIVE
52380CJU205 OL4Administration of Justice3 - Sekou, Nandi 1046ACTIVE
52625CJU321OL4Contemporary Corrections3 - King, David John10010CANCELLED
52646CJU401OL4Crim Justice Res Mths & Analy3 - King, David John1046ACTIVE
52619CJU432 V4Criminal Proced & Evidence3MTWR1300-1540EVC 713Curtis, William Arthur1046ACTIVE
52468COM119 14Intrprsnl Comm. Ldershp Skills3MTWR1730-1930EVC 505, 25619ACTIVE
52469COM120 14Public Speaking3MTWR1730-1930EVC 207Franklin, George A.20317ACTIVE
52462COM205 V4Broadcast Communication I4MTWRF1300-1510EVC 304Randall, Alexander 1037ACTIVE
52511COM465 V4Sel Top: Photojournalism3MTWR1520-1720EVC 304Randall, Alexander 1248ACTIVE
52547CSC118 V4Intro to Programming II4MWF1000-1130EVC 302ARosenthal, Lynn E15015ACTIVE
       MWF1000-1130EVC 302ALewit, Alan F15015ACTIVE
       TR0900-1150EVC 131Rosenthal, Lynn E15015ACTIVE
       TR0900-1150EVC 131Lewit, Alan F15015ACTIVE
52652CSC120OL4Introduction to Computer Sci2 0000-0001 Boumedine, Marc 10010ACTIVE
52538DSC325V4Statistics for Mgt. Decisions3MTWR1730-1930MDB 102Kisuule, Benon 25322ACTIVE
52642DSC325OL4Statistics for Mgt. Decisions3 0000-0001 , 25223ACTIVE
52648ECO22214Intro to Micro-Economics3MTWR1730-1930NWW 133Renee, Luther Felix20020ACTIVE
52336EDU217OL4Ethical And Legal Issues Child3 0000-0001 Lateef, Beulah Goines20416ACTIVE
52337EDU221OL4Foundations of Education3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 20218ACTIVE
52582EDU230OL4Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 20713ACTIVE
52529EDU275A4Tchg Visl Art to Chil & Adoles3MTWR1520-1720EVC 208Belle, LaVaughn N20020ACTIVE
52338EDU30414Tchng Reading & Literacy IECE3MTWR1520-1720EVC 408Morgan, Nancy W20119ACTIVE
52339EDU30814Integrating & Adapting Curr3MTWR1720-1920NWW 102Lateef, Beulah Goines20119ACTIVE
52612EDU326 V4Reading for Second Lang Lrnrs3MWF1730-1930 Cruz Arthurton, Migdalia 20119ACTIVE
52340EDU35114Classroom Management2MWF1730-1930EVC 408Morgan, Nancy W20218ACTIVE
52341EDU365 V4Tchng Soc Stud in Elem Schools3MTWR1520-1720EVC 807Hill, John E20317ACTIVE
52342EDU40314Assmnt Effective Tchng IECE3MTWR1300-1500EVC 505Hendrix, Steven E20020ACTIVE
52343EDU450V4Measure & Eval In Education2MWF1730-1930EVC 304Harney, Suzy A20119ACTIVE
52346EDU542V4Theor,Strat&Tech of Counseling3MWR1730-2030 Hendrix, Steven E20119ACTIVE
52344EDU55014Seminar-Issues in Edu Admin3MWR1730-2020REC 139Griffith, Denis 20416ACTIVE
52345EDU555OL4Rsrch&Trnds-Reading&Writing3 0000-0001 Morgan, Nancy W20218ACTIVE
52470ENG100 A4Writing across the Curriculum1MTWRF1300-1515EVC 308Wilder, Mary Jo20416ACTIVE
52472ENG101 A4Reading in the Content Area1MTWRF0830-1045EVC 308Wilder, Mary Jo20119ACTIVE
52474ENG101 14Reading in the Content Area1MTWRF1730-1940 Charles, Sharon P20020ACTIVE
52494ENG12014English Composition3MTWR1730-1930 Combie, Valerie A20155ACTIVE
52495ENG201 A4Research and Applied Writing3MTWR1520-1720EVC 716Wilder, Mary Jo20119ACTIVE
52496ENG261 A4World Literature I3MTWR1520-1720 Walker, Alexis 25025CANCELLED
52571ENG26114World Literature I3MTWR1730-1930EVC 401Wilder, Mary Jo25718ACTIVE
52498ENG361 ON4American Literature3 0000-0001 Combie, Valerie A15510ACTIVE
52365ENG465 V4Selected Topics:Shakespeare3MTWR1520-1720 Rossignol, Rosalyn 10010ACTIVE
52539FIN301 24Fundamentals of Finance3MTWR1945-2145EVC 505Kisuule, Benon 25718ACTIVE
52417HIS181 OL4World Civilizations3 - Sekou, Malik 1028ACTIVE
52419HIS342 OL4History of the VI3 - Sekou, Malik 1037ACTIVE
52499HUM115 A4Introduction to Humanities3MTWR1730-1930EVC 716Belle, LaVaughn N251114ACTIVE
52324MAT023 A4Intro Algebra Cncpts Skills I4MTWRF1730-1940SCNURS Q100Williams, Basil A25223ACTIVE
52434MAT024 N4Intro Algebra Cncept Skills II4MTWRF1945-2155EVC 302Spencer, Conrad D.251312ACTIVE
52326MAT140 A4College Algebra with Apps4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 405Ekpe, Kodzo 25817ACTIVE
52327MAT143 A4PreCalculus Algebra4MTWRF1730-1940SCNURS R100Marcel, Meria J25421ACTIVE
52328MAT232 A4Calculus-Business & Social Sci4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 302Lewit, Alan F25520ACTIVE
52329MAT235 A4Intro to Statistics with Apps4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 303Goodwin, Vanere S25817ACTIVE
52650MAT551A4Disc. Dynamical Sys & Math Mod3 0000-0001 Stolz, Robert 000ACTIVE
52330MAT561 V4Abstract Algebra Teachers I3MTWR0815-1015EVC 302Iannucci, Douglas 10010ACTIVE
52651MAT565A4Special Project in Math1 0000-0001 Goodwin, Vanere S01-1ACTIVE
52541MGT30124Principles of Management3MTWR1730-1930EVC 302A, 25421ACTIVE
52542MKT30124Principles of Marketing3MTWR1945-2145 , 25322ACTIVE
52616NUR310 V4Disparities in Health Care3MTWR1520-1720NWW 103Callwood, Gloria B10010ACTIVE
52500PHI200 14Critical Thinking3MTWR1730-1930EVC 501Capriola, David Michael20317ACTIVE
52501PHI200 24Critical Thinking3MTWR1945-2145EVC 716Capriola, David Michael20515ACTIVE
52362PLS200 A4Self Mgmnt: Wellness & Risk2MTWR0900-1015CEX 100Wray, Bruce M20911ACTIVE
52364PLS200 B4Self Mgmnt: Wellness & Risk2MTWR1015-1130CEX 100Wray, Bruce M20812ACTIVE
52386POL120OL4Intro to Political Science3 - Francis, Kula A1028ACTIVE
52388POL129OL4Intro To Public Admn3 - Francis, Kula A1028ACTIVE
52424PSY120N4General Psychology3MTWR1730-1930EVC 305Diverio, Susan T20416ACTIVE
52426PSY203 V4Intro To Personality3MTWR1520-1720EVC 302ADudemaine, Kathleen M1055ACTIVE
52427PSY310A4Disparities in Health Care3MTWR1520-1720EVC 401Callwood, Gloria B10010ACTIVE
       MTWR1520-1720EVC 401Bertrand, Desiree R10010ACTIVE
52394PSY541OL4Psychological Counseling3 - Dimeo, Lucia 1037ACTIVE
52403PUA528OL4Labor/Management Relations3 - Hendrickson, Kenny A1028ACTIVE
52405PUA536OL4Select Topics In Public Admin3 - Hendrickson, Kenny A1028ACTIVE
52473RCA021 A4Reading in the Content Areas3MTWRF0830-1045 Wilder, Mary Jo20020ACTIVE
52475RCA021 14Reading in the Content Areas3MTWRF1730-1940 Charles, Sharon P20020ACTIVE
52414SOC121 V4Intro To Sociology3MTWR1730-1930NWW 103Phillips, Dion E1055ACTIVE
52622SOC124V4Social Problems3MTWR1520-1720 Gore, Akia H10010ACTIVE
52428SOC310A4Disparities in Health Care3MTWR1530-1720EVC 401Callwood, Gloria B1019ACTIVE
       MTWR1530-1720EVC 401Bertrand, Desiree R1019ACTIVE
52502SPA13114Functional Elem Spanish I4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 308Daniel, Jerry 20164ACTIVE
52480SSC100 A4An Intro Soc.Sci.A Carib.Focus3 - Garnett, Shanika T20218ACTIVE
52429SWK310A4Disparities in Health Care3MTWR1520-1720EVC 401Callwood, Gloria B10010ACTIVE
       MTWR1520-1720EVC 401Bertrand, Desiree R10010ACTIVE
52471WAC011 A4Writing Across the Curriculum3MTWRF1300-1515EVC 308Wilder, Mary Jo20317ACTIVE

Summer 2 - 5 Week
52543ACC202V5Management Accounting3MTWR1730-1930NWW 103Gouws, Dion 25025ACTIVE
52544ACC302V5Intermediate Accounting II3MTWR1945-2145EVC 302AGouws, Dion 30030ACTIVE
52320BIO495 N5Directed Independent Research1 0000-0001 , 606ACTIVE
52321BIO496 N5Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 , 606ACTIVE
52322CHE495 N5Directed Ind Research1 0000-0001 Castillo, Bernard Fernando606ACTIVE
52545CIS21025Business Information Systems3MTWR1945-2145NWW 131Munro, John Douglas25520ACTIVE
52382CJU110 O5Intro to Criminal Justice3 - Sekou, Nandi 10010ACTIVE
52384CJU207 OL5Criminal Law3 - Sekou, Nandi 10010ACTIVE
52465COM12015Public Speaking3MTWR1945-2145EVC 716Franklin, George A.20515ACTIVE
52641DSC410 0L5Quantitative Methods3 - , 25124ACTIVE
52631DSC430 V5Production & Operations Mgt.3MTWRF1945-2045 Kisuule, Benon 25916ACTIVE
52649ECO22115Intro to Macro-Economics3MTWR1730-1930EVC 308Renee, Luther Felix20515ACTIVE
52627EDU587 V5Multicultural Counseling3MWR1730-2030EVC 713Hendrix, Steven E20416ACTIVE
52476ENG100 A5Writing across the Curriculum1MTWRF1300-1515EVC 501Wilder, Mary Jo20020ACTIVE
52478ENG101AA5Reading in the Content Area1MTWRF0830-1045EVC 501Wilder, Mary Jo20020ACTIVE
52503ENG120 15English Composition3MTWR1730-1930EVC 305Wilder, Mary Jo20119ACTIVE
52504ENG201 A5Research and Applied Writing3MTWR1520-1720EVC 302Wilder, Mary Jo20515ACTIVE
52371ENG433 V5Major Carib Author: Dandicat3MTWR1730-1930EVC 807Harkins- Pierre, Patricia G10010ACTIVE
52491ENG433OL5Major Carib Author: Dandicat3 0000-0001 Harkins- Pierre, Patricia G20119ACTIVE
52421HIS182 OL5World Civilizations3 - Sekou, Malik 1019ACTIVE
52621HIS320 OL5History of the U S3 - Hendrickson, Kenny A1028ACTIVE
52423HIS342 O5History of the VI3 - Sekou, Malik 1055ACTIVE
52331MAT023 N15Intro Algebra Cncpts Skills I4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 302Greene, Leslie S.25421ACTIVE
52332MAT024 N15Intro Algebra Cncept Skills II4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 303Spencer, Conrad D.25817ACTIVE
52333MAT140 B5College Algebra with Apps4MTWRF1730-1940EVC 408Ekpe, Kodzo 25916ACTIVE
52531MAT153 A5College Trigonometry4MTWR1730-1940EVC 505, 25223ACTIVE
52609MAT592 V5Sem. Teach. Secondary Math2MTRF1540-1740EVC 302ATyson, Velma V1019ACTIVE
52548MGT342 OL5Human Resource Management3 0000-0001NWW 102, 301020ACTIVE
52488MUS134 15Steel Pan Ensemble1MTWR1945-2005 Bryson, Valrica M M20119ACTIVE
52390POL120 O5Intro to Political Science3 - Francis, Kula A10010ACTIVE
52392POL129O5Intro To Public Admn3 - Francis, Kula A1019ACTIVE
52430PSY202A5Life Span Development3MTWR1730-1930EVC 405Baumann, Aletha 20812ACTIVE
52412PSY302 V5Culture And Behavior3MTWR1520-1720EVC 304Todman, Patricia Rhymer10010CANCELLED
52431PSY432N5Psychology of Personality3MW1320-1720EVC 308Carlin, Evlyn A20218ACTIVE
52396PSY542 V5Soc & Cultural Context of Coun3MW1730-2145EVC 304Hamilton, Dara M.1037ACTIVE
52407PUA532OL5Government, Business & Society3 - Hendrickson, Kenny A1037ACTIVE
52479RCA021AA5Reading in the Content Areas3MTWRF0830-1045EVC 501Wilder, Mary Jo20119ACTIVE
52505SPA132 A5Functional Elem Spanish II4MTWRF1045-1255EVC 308Daniel, Jerry 20137ACTIVE
52481SSC100B5An Intro Soc.Sci.A Carib.Focus3 - Garnett, Shanika T20218ACTIVE
52477WAC011 A5Writing Across the Curriculum3MTWRF1300-1515EVC 501Wilder, Mary Jo20119ACTIVE